Data Analyst

Sonae | Posted 8-04-2021

Maia (Analista)

Data Analyst

Sonae Financial Services is a financial institution leader in the issuance of credit cards in Portugal (“Cartão Universo”) with almost 1 million customers. It has the goal of disrupting the banking industry in Portugal by competing in the arena of consumer payments, credit and insurance.

We are hiring a data analyst to integrate the product team of Sonae Financial Services, supporting the product managers in their analytical and reporting roles.

The data analyst is expected to:

  • Build clear dashboards that track main business performance indicators
  • Analyze and explain patterns and trends in relevant variables
  • Analyze the results of marketing initiatives launched by the product managers
  • Assist the product managers in decision making, supplying insights driven from data
  • Interact with the customer analytics team in relation to advanced analytics models
  • Interact with IT teams in projects with implications in terms of data

A good candidate is expected to have:

  • Excellent academic track record in Economics, Management, Engineering or Mathematics
  • Experience up to 1 year
  • SQL and Powerbi knowledge will be highly valued

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Ability to translate complex problems into simple ideas
  • Good planning skills
  • Curiosity and proactivity