Product Owner

OutSystems | Posted 14-10-2021

Remoto (Outsystems)

OutSystems R&D is known for working on highly complex problems while focusing on keeping the product extremely easy to use, allowing us to lead the future of software development. We expect our team members to help us drive the software development landscape changes by disrupting the way modern software is built.
The OutSystems engineering team has developed its own visual coding language, compilers to transform it into optimized high code, smart assistant AI mechanisms to accelerate development (TrueChange), code flow optimization mechanisms, and additional PaaS services, accelerators and builders that allow customers to easily develop powerful applications. The team empowers customers to tame all the hassles of complex software development under a powerful yet simple-to-use platform. To apply to this position, you need to be willing to design and build a product used across the globe by some of the largest and most complex organizations, like Toyota, Salsa Jeans, ThinkMoney, Logitech, and others. You’ll design and build a product that will be used by developers of any industry, enabling the development of software used by millions of end-users across the globe, with auto-scaling capabilities. The product also allows customers to build very complex core systems that deal with complex business logic and integrations with legacy systems based on product extensibility SDKs.
We are looking for a Product Owner that is eager to lead a team in creating and progressing game-changing Products. This Product Owner will be responsible for proven Business-impactful outcomes to our Customers through their Product. We are looking for people that are disruptive and structured thinkers, with an interest for the end user, and a crave for data. A person that is enthusiastic, a great team-player with a strong work ethic that cherishes and contributes to an informal, collaborative, high-performance work environment.
Product Owners work embedded in one or more scrum teams providing business guidance to the team while participating in strategic decisions with the Product Management group. Product Owners are experts in transforming a multi-year strategy into a roadmap with continuous value increments to deliver to customers, empowering their engineering teams to excel at delivering the next generation of their Product, thus pushing OutSystems towards its vision of ensuring that complexity is abstracted from users. Helping us fulfil OutSystems mission of making software development available to everyone.
Do you...

  • … want to wake up every morning and drive the connection between business outcomes and technology?
  • ... feel thrilled whenever you empower your teams to better understand their impact on business? Whenever you communicate with the team what are the upcoming value milestones that they need to deliver to our customers?
  • ... enjoy to have all backlog prioritized and organized, boosting the teams performance by constantly knowing what comes next?
  • … have the leadership skills to drive backlog refinement with your team defining and agreeing on the acceptance criterias and timelines?
  • ... engage with users, customers, stakeholders to get to learn and understand their needs, translating them into functional requirements?
  • ... like to deal with dependency management, ensuring multiple teams are working together to maximize their impact?
  • … like to be on top of things by driving risks identification and mitigation plans definition and follow-up?
  • … enjoy the accountability of formally accepting the work developed by a team by performing user acceptance tests?
  • ... stay up or wake up eager to understand how to measure success? How to track business outcomes and how to adjust courses accordingly?
  • … like to demo the final version of the Product? Update customers and stakeholders on the next capacities that we will launch?

Tick all the boxes? You might just be the person we’re looking for.
What can you expect from OutSystems:
  • The possibility to disrupt the software development market;
  • A company that cares about employees wellbeing and provides a safe and comfortable work environment, even during adverse times;
  • A world-class software engineering team with peers and leaders that are inspired to learn and share what they know;
  • A fast-growing company that provides many opportunities for you to grow;
  • Fun from day one: a relaxed work environment, colleagues from diverse backgrounds and with a diverse range of interests, fun company events;

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